Copy the Submission Form and the Inventory Form to your computer.
Your National Delegate will inform you how many medals you may submit.
Type the required information into both forms. In a change from the career summaries requested for previous
congresses, please note that the Submission Form asks you to comment in 50 words or less on the artistic approach underpinning
the medals submitted. This information may be used for the catalogue. In the Inventory Form,
do not inflate the insurance value, as a very high value may cause problems with customs clearance.
(Note: the insurance value is not the sale price.)
Send both forms electronically to your National Delegate.
Print out the Inventory Form and send your medal(s) and the printed form to your National Delegate. 

*Please make sure that the medals submitted are following the FIDEM criteria which are:
- the maximum dimension of any medal submitted should be 150mm,
- a medal with a dimension over 100mm counts as two medals when determining national quotas,
- two examples of the same medal, submitted so as to be able to show both sides, also count as two medals,
- all the medals should have been made within the previous five years and should not have been shown in an earlier FIDEM
- medals from one country cannot be entered as a medal from another country – for example a British artist may enter
his/her medal only for Great Britain. The medal may
not be entered as a medal for the US.




Once the medals from your country have been assembled, send them along with the printed Submission Forms,
Inventory Forms and Customs Form to 

Mariana Nedeva
Company for International Congresses Ltd.
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria
Vitosha Distr., 2 Lea Ivanova Str. 

Do not exceed the number of medals allocated to your country, for any medals over and above your quota may be excluded
in the exhibition and catalogue.
Mark the package clearly NON-COMMERCIAL ART WORKS FOR EXHIBITION PUPOSES ONLY. Unless agreed in advance with
Professor Bogomil Nikolov, medals from Europe should arrive by 31 January 2014 and medals from the rest of the world by 28 February.
At the same time, send the Submission Forms and Inventory Forms electronically in bulk to
Bogomil Nikolov at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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